Positive Change at Organ Hall

Organ Hall is a housing estate in Borehamwood with a thriving community. Councillor Susan Brown had been trying to assist residents in improving the estate as it had become overgrown with fawner and seemed un-loved in places. Unfortunately, the local Labour County Councillor at the time had made many promises on improving the area but had failed to deliver on any of them.

In 2017 Councillor Susan Brown was appointed Conservative County Councillor for the area, and now had the power to take action.

“I finally felt I could help the community in improving the area” said councillor Brown, “I knew the residents wanted to see some action after years of empty promises”

Councillor Brown, together with her Ward Colleagues Cllr. Alan Plancey and Cllr. Gary Silver, encouraged the residents to work with her and start by mobilising the community. The Council cut back the overgrown plants from the pathways and walkways. “The local wildlife had really taken over of all the pathways, making it very difficult for our older residents to get around.” commented councillor Susan Brown

Then, with the help of Hertfordshire County Council, who are responsible for all infrastructure across the county, the road was re-laid and the walkways levelled.  Cllr. Brown, Cllr. Plancey and Cllr. Silver then worked with residents to ensure they contacted the property manager in regards to property maintenance and ensuring the parks were tidied up with a full ongoing maintenance plan.

                                                                              Organ Hall Play

                                                                                         Open Play area at Organ Hall

Councillor Susan Brown said “Its so delightful seeing how the estate has changed, new families are now moving in and the community spirit amongst residents is fantastic”

“I’m so pleased we could work together to improve the area, and look forward to continuing working with residents. Finally, as Brookmeadow Councillors we continue to help residents with a variety of personal issues."