Golf Programme pays off for Dame Alice Owen School

Dame Alice Owen School has a growing Golf team and trophy case due to the success in the last few years of its golf programme; thanks, in part, to the help of its local Councillor and Potters Bar Golf Club.

“Two years ago, some of the Governors were discussing how we could help get more students involved in our golf tournaments.” Said Conservative Councillor for Potters Bar Peter Knell. “I wanted to help and so contacted the local golf club to see if they would be happy getting involved.”

Potters Bar Golf Club were delighted to be involved and help train the next generation of golf enthusiasts. They work with the school, providing free lessons for beginners as well as hosting the annual match between Dame Alice Owen and Aldenham.  

The Golf Team now has eight members and each year Councillor Knell awards the top Golfer with ‘Golfer of the year’.

“Not all children have access to trying new sports, including Golf, and I wanted to assist in helping more children at Dame Alice Owen School, where I am a Governor, in accessing the sport,” continued Cllr Knell, “It has proven to be a great success, with a big thanks to the hard work of teacher and organiser of the Golf team Tony Meekin and the students."

“I’m very proud of them all and I look forward to their continuing success”.