Conservative Candidate for Shenley Parish by-election

Nigel Heller has been announced as Conservative Candidate for the Shenley Parish bi-election on 28th June 2018

Shenley Parish Council is independent from the borough council and oversees a variety of programmes and projects, including organising social events for senior citizens, supporting local community groups, maintaining some play areas and allotments. They also represent Shenley’s interests to a wide-range of public bodies.

                                                                                Conservative Candidate Nigel Heller   

Nigel lives in Shenley and before retiring, worked in the software industry dealing with financial service organisations; managing teams in marketing and sales based in the UK, US and Asia. Nigel feels that his experience will assist the community in negotiating beneficial outcomes for the village.

Nigel said: “Whilst working, I was a typical commuter - using vehicles, buses and trains - and I’m still concerned at what seems like a sporadic service offered by the bus companies, especially as the Neighbourhood Plan calls for additional housing within an already strained infrastructure and so we need more services not less.

“I would also like to work closely with our local PCSO and county police teams, to help find ways of reducing anti-social behaviour and general crime, which has increased over the past few years within the village.

“Whilst I may not be a familiar face or name to you, I have been attending Parish Council meetings as a resident this year and am known to the current council team. With your vote, I can become better known to you and start working for our community in an official capacity at the Parish”.


Neighbourhood Plan

Your Conservative run Parish Council is working with the community to make sure we have the best possible Local Neighbourhood Plan, which will protect our Green Belt and give us the housing we need for our Community and at the same time improve infrastructure.

Combatting Anti-Social Behaviour

Your Parish Council is working with Police and residents to target “hot spots” of anti-social behaviour. Initiatives have included the purchase of two mobile CCTV cameras that are moved around the village and have resulted in a number of convictions.

Community Schemes

Your Parish Council run the ‘Action for a Cleaner Shenley’ group. Residents meet on the first Sunday morning of each month to clear up litter. They have also embraced the Community Payback Scheme. Projects have included tidying up pavements footpaths and giving a face-lift to the Pond area.

Keeping Our Highways Safe

Working with the Conservative Borough and County Councillors, initiatives have included - resurfacing of London Road, partial resurface and new cats-eyes on Radlett Lane, installation of mobile Speed Indicator Device (SID) to slow down cars and funding of traffic survey to help identify a solution to Black Lion Hill accident “hot spot”.

Ensure you vote for Nigel Heller on the 28th June!