Keep one-hour free car parks in Radlett and Bushey

Our names are Cllr Paul Morris and Cllr Seamus Quilty, we are local Councillors in Bushey Heath. I am writing this petition out of concern for our community, as we face the prospect of new parking charges that threaten to disrupt our daily lives and add unnecessary financial burdens on us all. 

Bushey has always been a place where residents could park their vehicles without worrying about excessive fees. However, this change threatens to alter that reality significantly. The introduction of these new parking charges will not only impact the affordability for residents but also deter visitors from coming to our beautiful town.

According to data from RAC Foundation, UK drivers already pay an average of £42 per month on parking (source: RAC Foundation). If these new charges are implemented in Bushey, we risk surpassing this average and placing undue strain on local households.

This issue is not just about money; it's about preserving the character and accessibility of our town. We should be encouraging people to visit and enjoy what Bushey has to offer rather than deterring them with exorbitant parking fees.

I urge you all - fellow residents, shop owners, visitors - anyone who cares about maintaining the charm and affordability of life in Bushey - to sign this petition against these proposed changes. Let's stand together against unnecessary financial burdens imposed by these new parking charges!

Sign our petition here.