Charles Goldstein

Councillor for Aldenham East

I first became a Councillor for Aldenham East ward in 2006 and have worked across the Planning, Performance, Housing, Community Safety and Communications portfolios. 

I'm a father of four and have lived in Radlett for 15 years with my wife. I'm a full time Chartered Accountant and enjoy cycling,  watching football and spending time with my family. I regularly take part in charity bike rides, raising money for charities supporting people with learning disabilities and requiring care.

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Martin Worster

I am a councillor for Furzefield Ward Potters Bar serving 8 years. I have been Mayor of Hertsmere for 2015 to 2016. I have lived in Ridge for the past 18 years .I am a member of the planning committee and other associated panels. A member of the Scrutiny Committee. Chairman of the Councils Standards Committee.

Paul Morris OBE

Councillor for Bushey Heath
Living in and representing Bushey Heath, I have five sons and eleven grandchildren most of whom live in Hertsmere. My passion is in the area of regeneration and I have recently undertaken the review and consultation of the proposals for Newberries Car park in Radlett and will shortly commence a similar process for Bushey Country Club.

David Carter

Councillor for Bushey Park

Councillor for Bushey Park
I am a newly elected councillor of 2019. I have lived in Bushey for over 20 years with my family. I am a member of the Audit Committee, Licensing Committee, Personnel Appeals and Hertsmere Development Limited

Anne Swerling

Councillor for Bushey Park
I have lived in Bushey for more than 30 years, have three grownup children and four lovely granddaughters. I first became a Councillor for Bushey Park ward in 2014 and is active on the Licensing Committee and Vice-Chairman of Personnel. I am also a member of the Standards Committee and in September 2017 last year, became a Governor of Ashfield Primary School.

Cynthia Barker

Councillor for Potters Bar Furzefield
I have served as a Borough Councillor for Potters Bar Furzefield and as Town Councillor for Elstree & Borehamwood since May 2015. For Hertsmere Borough Council, I am a member of the Operations Review Committee and Audit Committee and also chair the Member Development Panel.

Sarah Hodgson-Jones

Councillor for Potters Bar Oakmere
I have been a Councillor for Oakmere ward in Potters Bar since 2017, but was previously a Councillor for Parkfield ward between 2010-2014. I am on the Licensing, Audit and Personnel committees and I am currently actively involved in the 'Christmas in Potters Bar' group.

Ruth Lyon

Councillor for Potters Bar Oakmere
I became a Hertsmere Borough Councillor in 2014, representing Potters Bar Oakmere ward, where I have lived for 27 years. My daughter also lives close in Hertfordshire. I serve on the Planning Committee and Operation Review Committee.

Paul Hodgson-Jones

Councillor for Potters Bar Parkfield
I have lived with my wife Sarah (also a Councillor) and our three children in Potters Bar since 2002. I have been a Councillor for Parkfield Ward since May 2007 and am currently Chairman of Scrutiny at Hertsmere. I lead the committees/panels responsible for monitoring Council performance and I am also Vice-Chairman of Audit.

Abhishek Sachdev

Councillor for Potters Bar Parkfield
I've been living in Potters Bar for 30 years. My wife is a local pharmacist and I have two young children in local schools. I was the first Indian Councillor in Hertsmere and was elected in 2014.

Anthony Spencer

Councillor for Shenley
Representing Shenley ward since 2015 as Borough Councillor I have also served as a Parish Councillor since 2009. I'm currently serving on the Planning Committee, as well as being Vice Chairman of Policy Review Committee and a Financial Monitor of the Council. I'm also a Member of the Asset Management Committee and Trustee of the Shenley Park Trust and Watford Crematorium.