Addressing our Residents' Concerns: Schools in Borehamwood

We are aware that residents are still concerned about the prospect of a new school in Borehamwood.

Five years ago, all political parties in Borehamwood united to fight the proposed closure of the Maxwell Park Community Centre, but the threat of closure by Hertfordshire County Council never went away. Councils that fail to build enough homes will lose their right to determine where new houses are placed, under Central Government rules. This means that we need more school places for new families and their children, as well as future generations of Borehamwood.

In light of the local elections in 2019 it would appear that the building of a newPrimary school in Borehamwood is being raised as an issue.  We have been working hard to find a solution and after almost four years of toing and froing between Hertsmere Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council and with the threat of closure of Maxwell Park Community Centre still hanging over us, a solution may have been found.

Residents will know that planning permission was given for around 300 homes on part of the old Hertswood School site to fund a new state of the art Academy for Borehamwood. Our children deserve such educational facilities. Now the owners of a piece of land next to that site have offered it for the site of a new state of the art primary school which would then have playing fields and would be a feeder to the new Academy, with a sport centre, theatre and excellent facilities.

An enabling planning permission, if granted, for 50 homes off Potters Lane, would allow the primary school to be built there.  If planning permission is not granted (and any application has to abide by planning law), then County will go back to their plan to build a school on Maxwell Park Communty Centre. This would create a huge loss for residents and the users of Maxwell Park Community Centre.

Whilst there are accusations being made about our town and communities being ignored, this is simply not the case. Please be assured councillors from all parties can and do work together and will continue to do so. We invite all councillors to discuss how we will plan for future homes and school places in Borehamwood and be part of the solution to some of the big issues facing our area.